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Message Subject UFO Observes Traffic Over Toll Plaza on July 5th
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Boys and Girls... the DEA and the FBI have been operating drones and spy satellites in the USA over us cities since 1999 at least...

Look at the sky at night...the extra twinkly stars are not stars...they are spy satellites with twinkly lights to simulate a real star.

to see them you have to stand still with the twinkle box sharing a immovable object (like your roof line) in your field of vision. The Feds have to try to keep these things still...but they are actually so-low that the wind is a huge issue for them...so as they are constantly trying to maintain a steady position...and also track the natural movement of the sky... it is a battle for the operator/ computer to keep the thing from drifting in the sky.

to see these things for yourself ...first just let the lowest looking and twinkliest acting stars stand out on their own in your vision.... then get to a spot for reference...and you will see that I telling the truth here. they are fake stars for spying....they probably enhance the electronic gathering of signals honestly... check it out tonite and you will start to see them...I promise!
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