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UFO that's for sure

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 43083323
South Africa
07/10/2013 11:36 AM
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UFO that's for sure
Ok!? so I saw a UFO last night not an alien spacecraft just an unidentified flying object. It was dusk the sun was just over the horizon so the sky was still lit up but the ground was dark. This is a good time of day to spot satellites because of the angle of the sun. I saw an objects like a satellite travelling from north to south at a speed faster than a aircraft but slower than a satellite it also struck me that it was flying to low for a satellite and this was confirmed when it passed over some clouds, I thought that it must be very low orbiting satellite but then as I was tracking the objet I notice a satellite orbiting in the opposite direction and the contrast in speed and altitude confirmed that the object must be inside the atmosphere. It was not a meteorite, to slow and flying parallel to the surface with no fire trail behind it. If it was an aircaft then it must be th fastes an most stelthey silent aircraft ever.
Or it wat just another UFO