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Message Subject Snowden's Snow Job: the NSA's slow-leak plan to create an Orwellian Surveillance Planet
Poster Handle Prometheus.Locke
Post Content
As I have mentioned, interest and speculation into TEMPEST technology, and its evolution was once rampant amongst computer security afficionado's.. but knowledge of its existence appears to be slowly disappearing in a maelstrom of disinformation and psuedo-censorship. Here are some links discussing it:

[link to en.wikipedia.org]
[link to security.stackexchange.com]
[link to www.xent.com]

[link to cryptome.org]
[link to www.nsa.gov]

To dismiss this as an attack that can only be performed in near-vicinity and would result in only lossy-information gathering is to completely disregard the intelligence and force of will of organizations like the NSA. Be assured, work has been ongoing for decades on increasing the amount of space between listener and victim, and with the huge ECHELON infrastructure we see around us today, it's more than possible that there is no longer a space constriction on Earth.
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