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Message Subject Snowden's Snow Job: the NSA's slow-leak plan to create an Orwellian Surveillance Planet
Poster Handle Prometheus.Locke
Post Content
At some point, 5 million people will probably march on the NSA and they won"t be able to kill or arrest all 5 million people, and the Prism palace will end up being be a sordid trash heap.

Even if that doesn't happen, when the dollar collapses, they wont be able to pay all those NSA and CIA flunkies.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2924495

Have you thought that maybe the dollar has not collapsed yet.. for a reason? I'm fairly certain "someone" has been manipulating the global financial markets since well before 2008--though it became retardedly obvious at that time.

Ideas like "too big to fail" and "flight to quality" were created simply to steal wealth from the population (of the world) and consolidate it in the hands of ... a small group of private investors. We have basically witnessed the grandest bank robbery in history--the face of the planet has been sold to Satan.

[link to www.unduecoercion.com]
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