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Subject Transgender alien Obama look-alikes land in force on the Golan! Assad surrenders entire Syrian army to them!
Poster Handle anonymous idiot
Post Content
Israel was about to go nuclear and the real Fake Prez in Washington was in the process of declaring Defecate 1, when the entire alien force on the Golan Heights began shaving their assholes. Everybody was so stunned that they stood down, except Bashar al-Assad. He ordered his army to surrender, then began shaving his asshole. Several dying former NASA officials and a couple homeless addict ex-CIA insiders all say the same thing - this means the 3rd Temple will be rebuilt immediately on Temple Mount, and you don't even want to know the first act the priests are going to do there - hint, they'll need razors and some shaving cream. It's all DOOM, WWIII.
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