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Message Subject UFO & Alien talk
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
For the past couple of years i've been interested in all subjects regarding UFO and Aliens (Abductions, Ancient Aliens, sightings, different alien races, cattle mutilations, government cover-up, etc.) I'm a strong believer in all of this due to the mathmatical probability that there is intellegent life in the universe and the fact that if you put UFO as an option to all the crazy or strange events in this world that gives us more of a logical answer than what the history books tells us. With all my research and interest there are still a lot of conflicting stories amongst us believers. I was interested in what others believe or know through their research and can share with us in a mature manner in this forum. I can be more specific as there is a lot regarding this topic but would like to read what others believe or actually know in general.
 Quoting: Tizrat

I used to disbelieve as I was brainwashed by our media to do so.
Fortunately or unfortunately I got to learn some of the truth very abruptly and it was literally shocking. There is some initial psychological trauma involved in abrupt exposure or disclosure.

Or at least there used to be, I suspect that with all the desensitization going on that people like you may not be as susceptible as I was.

I can personally confirm and assure you that E.T. visitation and the conspiracy to withhold the information are both very real.

Interesting times we live in.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26096947

Can you be more specific. The more I know and the closer I get to knowing the truth the more it curves my addiction.
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