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Message Subject UFO & Alien talk
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Come on GLPers.....we are all smart enough and through all our contacts, resources, and research I'm sure we can get a lot of the answers or the truth regarding this. Out of all the topics on this site this is the one I focus on the most and I'm sure I'm not the only one. This also includes just the browsers on this site. I don't want this thread to die. Lets start from the beginning. Who were the first alien species to inhabit the planet? When and why?
 Quoting: Tizrat

The first?

For that, you'd need to research everything about Antartica. There are many secrets under the ice.
 Quoting: Earth Daughter

 Quoting: Kai D Kravit (VALIS)

Thats what this forum is for. I was hoping people like yourself will be willing to share your knowledge. I have done plenty of research but I'm not allotted a lot of time each week so I'm hoping this will help me and others like me who dont have the time but do have the passion. I have read many different stories about who inhabited the planet first and why. Some millions of years ago and some thousands of years ago. Since none of us were around then and the reason why all the different stories, I try to go with the most logical one.
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