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Message Subject UFO & Alien talk
Poster Handle WindyMind
Post Content
Say whaa? ...I am a born skeptic even after what I saw. I only take into consideration other personsal accounts that I deem believable based on my experience, sorry.

I do believe there is more than meets the eye to the situation with "greys." ..not sure what but it is possible there are hibreds amongst us in some 80's style sci fi thiller fashion, but in some experience/expirement exchange of sorts.

I don't believe in reptilians or know about species other than Greys and the varying degrees of interbreeds between them and chimpanzees, although it could be possible.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26096947

The "greys" agenda seems to be an interesting one. And contrary to what many claim, all the evidence from civilian observers points to a benevolent purpose. Although they often scare the living daylights out of people, witnesses consistently claim that they are able to mind link and often make comments such as, "why are you scared?" or, "you should be proud. you're doing a good thing." It almost seems that our emotional outbursts are overwhelming and confusing for them. Witnesses also consistently describe a lack of pain during procedures that is replaced instead with large amounts of strange physical pressure. At the very least, it seems they do not wish to inflict physical harm upon us. And at best it appears they may be tampering with our genetic structures to our own benefit.
 Quoting: Kai D Kravit (VALIS)

Clearly, you don't know anything about the greys. :)
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