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Message Subject I am in contact with an Alien group. Ask me a question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You said you talked to them millennia ago..are you one of them? What is there ultimate goal? Humanoid..more details..please. why not the US? To judge everybody from one place is not fair, have you told them that?what do they eat? Where do they lve? Do the gov. Where they are right now know they are there? What are they waiting for? How is their family structure? Do they have any? is compassion part of their values? Are they willing to help humanity at all? The planet?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28630651

yes i met them a long time ago as an uh spiritual entity

no i am not one of them

humanoid, like us but completely different evolution

they want to send a message that they aren't meddling...so they don't meddle in the world's most powerful country

they introduced a staple food to this world, so i guess they like eating that

live like us, unless they are in space

like said the clues are overwhelming in this thread

monitoring the situation lol

bigger clans

yes yes yes but only if you help yourselves first lots of stupid still floating around might take while
 Quoting: Col Tobias Purplechicken 43191148

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