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Message Subject I am in contact with an Alien group. Ask me a question
Poster Handle fireman2013
Post Content

I'm not saying it's their dads vagina, but it's their moms penis.

I don't care about genetic anal probing as all they do is show you the earth blowing up, and then hybrid babies.

Tell them to go back from where they came from.
 Quoting: fireman2013

Rumor has it your are being ruled by Aliens already.

The more the merrier.
 Quoting: Col Tobias Purplechicken 43191148

The actual rumor was that I'm ruling them.
 Quoting: fireman2013

Ratman and Spiderwoman are accounted for...who are you
 Quoting: Col Tobias Purplechicken 43191148

Who's ratman and spiderwoman


Call me son of jezuss
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