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Message Subject I am in contact with an Alien group. Ask me a question
Poster Handle Pole Position
Post Content

 Quoting: Pole Position 43187517

well, and you don't see or hear.
 Quoting: Col Tobias Purplechicken 43191148

Must be the ruffled feathers from the Purplechickens Aliensaholes


 Quoting: Pole Position 43187517

who can be afraid of a little chicken...unless you are busy sucking Slovenian boar shlong
 Quoting: Col Tobias Purplechicken 43191148

Harsh dates with aliens purple chicks OP ?lol

It's quite sad that your sexuality after TBI(Traumatic Brain Injury)@ Aliens ship has changed.

Now;Read this yoo yankee doodle dumb fuckwit Fred thread is dead.Noon+9.
Try to come back as registered coward you are to play your little psyop and maybe some day you'll be able to grasp your US retardation and vulgarity levels.bushtard
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