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Message Subject I am in contact with an Alien group. Ask me a question
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
so homophobia originated from the aliens?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31110211

and homosexuality originated with mankind
 Quoting: Col Tobias Purplechicken 43191148

Not at all true, for this is a project and there have been many batches of humans, spanning cycles that are far beyond what we have recorded in history, with humans gaining solar system, even having spanned from the previous earths, such as Mars, and Tiamat. And we had better dna coding, more connections between hemispheres, and more soul memories. It was a higher frequency school, but fell through divisions and greed of some. And genetic manipulations and some really bad things. That let the dark side access more strongly.

Homesexuality is part of the natural world and yet all the different "worlds" come from genetic et labs, and even levels on higher, where bad guys or groups with agendas may attempt things, but if Family or Source won't allow something for our own karma or our own lesson, then it doesnt happen no matter what, for the many groups with different agendas, for earth, are not the real makers of the school.

Like with all things, its here for us to stop harming or controlling others.

Natural common law, natural as it comes from the jungle, which probably has never really occurred on earth, more people recovering from past diasters and cycles, and being reset to more primitive ways, but, you harm you neighbor, rape, kill, fraud or steal, and that village will tar and feather you and drive out of town. But in no way shape or form does anyone have the right to control another, tell them they can't erect cottages for all their children on thier huge farm, can't use the seeds of the earth as medicine, or if they want, to get high, for its not your business. We may be able to say, don't drink and drive or you can harm me, but we can't prohibit the other from drinking anything.

So like all things here, its a test. Everything is a test.

And ETs come in many different forms and some are God's Angel-ETs, or Higher Up, some are the mid level managers, and there are competing interests there, some are not good guys, and like tough love, boot camps and harming people into change, and they're all going to be cousneled in the end.

Some are corporal, and some are entities.

Some are very akin to demons.

And here is the thing, there is no time, so you have all the ETs and Entities and Beings, from past, present and future all at once here, in this solar system.....
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