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Message Subject I am in contact with an Alien group. Ask me a question
Poster Handle Col Tobias Purplechicken
Post Content

they will contact you
 Quoting: Col Tobias Purplechicken 43191148

i am known as ashnonymous for online proposes you are different than other ET reps, thier contact would be appreciated please tell them to announce themselves many contact me but not physically when they revert back to aether do they turn to a sound vibration
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 43205489

no only voices in my head no vibrations or anything else
 Quoting: Col Tobias Purplechicken 43191148

in my experience they have been voices outside my head or objects like toys or computers will speak coherently with me have you even experienced manifestation of a physical object i was given a talisman containing an unk while i was asleep and it was thee when i awoke i still have it can they do this. i was also told to have a child in a dream while being corsed by some one other than my husband and refused i had to run and hide because ishtar was swave and romantic almost unsustainable it was so strange i do not stray.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34493059

you are NOT in contact with aliens but with spirits.
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