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Message Subject BLACK PANTHERS BUSSING THOUSANDS TO FLORIDA - Judge Rushing Case Per Obama Riot Schedule
Poster Handle davvi
Post Content

This is off topic and I am sorry, but did anyone see on tv this morning the story about the 34 MILLION dollar military camp that was built in Afghanistan? They knew 3 years ago that the facility will never be used and they will probably demolish it as we leave there.

34 MILLION DOLLARS? For nothing? Who was paid for this job? Also JOHN BOEHNER is NEGOIATING behind closed doors to pass the immigration bill...

Government spending like drunken sailors, the US being overrun with American hating immigrants and whites under attack everywhere. Do you recognize this country anymore?
 Quoting: davvi

Not at all. It is time for us to become several seperate countries. If we do not, the resulting hate & violence is headed for horrific proportions.

Asia is not multi-cultural. They do not have anything even close to the problems we have experienced since having this crap thrust upon us & they have it right.

Every time cultures are mixed up & live together (not visiting & tourism) is when the problems start. We are just too different & there will always be those who wish to force their idea of culture upon everyone else through the use of violence.

Multi-culturiam is non workable.
 Quoting: Lady Jane Smith

I agree. We just see things through a different prism and we are not compatible at all. Lets face it race is ripping this country apart and I refuse to live as a second class citizen or hide under the bed too afraid to go out for fear of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When this country finally breaks apart, I hope we all insist that the media goes to the other side...and move to Detroit.
 Quoting: davvi

I am getting ready to buy another house in Texas this fall(will give me 3 now in the Lone Star State). Of all the states, I worry the least about Texas.

Don't like the July/August/September weather much though.
 Quoting: Lady Jane Smith

Best wishes with the house hunt...I have never met a Texan who I haven't liked you are in a good place.

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