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Message Subject BLACK PANTHERS BUSSING THOUSANDS TO FLORIDA - Judge Rushing Case Per Obama Riot Schedule
Poster Handle overwatch
Post Content
The sad part and most disturbing part of all this is that
it is outright and blatantly obvious that our own government is fomenting a race riot and possible race war. They are funding it and supplying all the instigators.

It is out there as public information that the government is doing this and they now make now effort to conceal it or deny it.

Our government is using this case to start a race war so they can bring out martial law.

They already have all their military assets on location.

The government has this plan all set up and ready to go.

This is going to be a blood bath.

The only wild card in all of this is hispanics and which side they take in this race war.

And then everybody is going to come up against military force
as the hammer.

May GOD help and protect all the innocents in these infected war zones.
 Quoting: JasmineinNM

This is the private army 'the one" spoke of early on and yes they do want a race war. Why you ask? Two reasons; now is the time to keep oblunder on the throne and they wish to take down whitey. The blacks and commies are now in control of the government and can direct the armies to attack the white's, blacks know they will be safe.

There are plenty of white commies in on this too folks, it's a coup.

All the missing monies have gone to the muzzies and panthers as failed corps and so forth to funnel the funds and I suspect they have been heavily armed too with our military weapons.

They will come on the buses and they will be armed by and protected by this black regime. Looks like it's on.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4713064

Buses... They are gonna fight a race war with buses? hahahaha. Please let them come in buses. Will these be road warrior buses, or greyhounds? Once again, they people you are describing as fighters on one side in this "war" are not capable.
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