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Message Subject I Am Michael Lee Hill, Alien Anunnaki Contactee - Here for your questions
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here we go....again. Listen "MLH", I am going to give you a lesson on how to interact socially.
First rule of human interaction - do not talk about yourself ALL THE TIME. Be humble. You can genuinely get your story across to people and they will respond positively if you have some humility. Listen as equally as you speak.
Second rule of human interaction - ditch your ego. Now this kind of is like the first rule but its more about not bragging about your perceived accomplishments. In other words, don't be an attention whore.
Third rule of human interaction - Be genuine to others about what they have accomplished and give supportive feedback. And for gods sake don't try and top them.

Its simple! Listen, have humility and be supportive. With ANYONE and EVERYONE. I give you only three because as humans we learn better in three's.

You always come in here guns a blazin' about YOU, who you know, what you think you are and what you have done.

Just stop. Say something like this...."hey yall, I think I may have filmed some ufo's though I am not sure. What do you make of it? All opinions are welcome. You all here at GLP have great insight and it is very much appreciated." "Recently I had my blood tested and it has some anamolies. I really need help understanding what it is some people think I may be. Here is a video of it....I would appreciate anyone who can take the time to watch and give me some feedback. GLP minds are diverse and analytical. Thank you all for your help."

Try it some time.
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