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Message Subject I Am Michael Lee Hill, Alien Anunnaki Contactee - Here for your questions
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I am a UFO enthusiast at heart, I am very passionate researching the subject,

What I know and also believe is that this Lake Erie UFO story is about to go mainstream in a big way, The story exists without my participation, Yet here I am smack dab in the middle of it. And I am proud.

When the shills came and attacked, I never let it bother me, I know this is all real, I did not hallucinate being on the History Channel, I did not Hulucinate a Harvard doctor telling me I do not have normal human blood, Those facts stand and exist outside of anything I believe, It was all revealed on The History Channel, No help from me.

This is my life. Ya know what I mean? Anyhow, This Is the biggest UFO Story every actually, Just finished this Video for a new production company, Imagine years ago if I let all the doubters & naysayers break my spirit and stop my trying to reveal my truth, None of this would have ever happened...

The Secret Government attacked me, Shattered my Jaw in 3 places a few years back, I had to have the whole entire left side of my face wired back together, I almost cancelled my first CBS interview because I could not talk, I got out of the hospital one week before the interview, I almost cancelled, but then something came over me and I thought "Fuck It" I will mumble through the interview if I have to. I would not back down.

You know what is funny, a few years back when this happened, I had a entire year of recuperation, I slept with a pillow on each side of my head in a reclining chair for a year, I could do nothing strenuous, I was not allowed to lift anything that had any weight to it at all.

If you think that did not scare me, do these shills & naysayers here at GLP think they have a chance? They don't even phase me.

I actually began using GLP as a tool to learn how to deal with Hate-Full people, I have learned a lot here and I thank you.

More importantly, I know some resonate with this info so I do it for them as well.

Anyhow, Rant Off.

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