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Message Subject I Am Michael Lee Hill, Alien Anunnaki Contactee - Here for your questions
Poster Handle oldmandowntheroad
Post Content
The only reason your here is because what you Pleiadians did
half-a-million years ago screwed up this planet.

Now you have come back from the future to correct your mistakes.

You saw who we were and you where afraid of our potential,
so you mislead the people of Earth so you could be top dog,I guess the jokes on you.

Buy that I mean if you are who you say you our. Then you KNOW you can't go forward or progress unless you fix the mess you and your ego made.

Not only did you mix with us through sex, changing our DNA.
You also fabracated our current belief-systems.
They were naive and thought you were God's when you weren't

You where more technally advancend for sure, so these humble Childen of the Family of Lightt, or God's children
where decieved.

Some your lies you told them are, You are a sinner at birth-wrong, we are a creation of the Prime-Creator

We are worthless,wrong we are not worthless

we arn't dammed to hell, because there is no hell, to begin with

You seperated us with different religous belif-systems, instead we are all ONE, we are all interconnected and dependent on one and another.

You on purpose lowered our vibrational rate so we would be nothing more than slaves to your race..
Know that our vibrational rate is so low, we are begining to collaspe. How did you lower our vibrational rate, easy.
Through booze, sex, drugs, fake religons, that are always saying we are nothing, worthless, born in sin, lower than a cow patty in the field, it's all bullshit!

Now the Prime Creator is pissed, and is coming back to fix this mess.
So tell me how are you going to fix this mess, of greed, lust for power and control, How will you tell 7 billion carnel people, to raise there vibrational rates and live in peace and harmony?
If you can't pull this off, then there will be a pole shift and wipe the slates clean, start all over again.
Remember we have free-will, but how are you going to them everything that they believe in is a lie?
Good luck with that, but my teacher has always said the planet, is way more important than us humans, they the Game Masters can reseed a planet, than to build something like Earth takes millions of years, kill us and reseed only a thousand years or so. I pray everybody can raise their vibrations and we all can asend togather
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