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Message Subject I Am Michael Lee Hill, Alien Anunnaki Contactee - Here for your questions
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Okay, then... I have a question. I was contacted by these being some time ago (3 + years) and they told me odd things. First beat around the bush like reluctant to answer questions and then finally told me I was one of them also reincarnated on this planet. I am very, very doubtful of this. Perhaps you can ask them about me. See what they say? I would be interested and believe them if they told you the same information they told me.

Could you do that?
 Quoting: Star Seed

All I can do is try and become an instrument to channel source

I feel like you would not be interested if it were not true, any Synchronicity related events?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 43213963

Hmmm... you cannot just call them at will? That is funny because I can with ease. And I am not sure what you mean by synchronicity related events.
 Quoting: Star Seed

Not to be blunt then, Why do you not ask them yourself?

What I mean by synchronicity related events? That is how the divine communicates, through synchronicity or what I like to call "Event Strings"

Event Strings

Before you read further, ask yourself the following question:"Did I -- on my own merits -- arrive at this position of reading these words I now read?

"Think carefully.

Remember the string of events that led you to this very place in time.Remember how you found this specific web page? It was not an accident. It was an orchestrated event-string. Event-strings are engineered from multiple sets of consciousness, and thus, the answer to the question posed above is, "no".

It was not on your own merits, but in cooperation with other forms of consciousness that you are here now.Consider the planet's population of 6.2 billion people.

How many will be reading these same words as you are now? One hundred? One thousand? Ten thousand? One hundred thousand? One million? It depends on the power of an event-string. It depends on the power of the consciousnesses that co-create the event-string.

It depends on the resonance of the consciousnesses that activate the event-string. But mostly, it depends on the alignment of the event-string with the will of First Source.Truly, we tell you, it does not matter as to the numbers. The calculus of spirit is not numeric in nature, but instead, it is the quality of feeling clear and connected with First Source. This is the nature of this specific event-string.

It is designed to have this effect, and to enable those who achieve this feeling to broadcast it to the entire planet's population in methods that we are woefully inadequate to describe in words. However, it is accurate to say that this event-string will touch the planet at a more comprehensive level than you can now imagine.There are many different varieties of event-strings. Some are more dependent on external forces than an intermingling of cooperatively functioning consciousnesses.

Some are more personal in nature as in the case of a soul's birth or passing, while others are designed for universal functions. Some are designed to be catalytic while others are preventative in nature.We want to assure you that as you read these words there are changes in your consciousness that are occurring that will clarify your connection to First Source, and enable you to broadcast this clarity. The broadcasting of this enhanced clarity is not through words, or even actions; so much as it is in the vision that you hold within your mind and heart.

This vision is assisted in the paintings associated with this disc. They are symbols you can hold in your mind's eye. There will be one image or symbol that will beckon you. Take this image into your mind as if it were a key to the locked door that has stood between you and First Source. Similarly, there will be a word or phrase that will beckon you, hold this in your heart. These will activate the event-string contained in this experience that was designed in small part by you, and in large part by a collective of consciousnesses that you may refer to as the WingMakers.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 43213963

Event strings. I like that. I asked you about Steve Vai earlier. I remember when you came to GLP a few years back. Indeed, you have learned a lot about human nature. It doesn't bother me that your ego is strong. However, people take your energy and interpret your intentions wrongly thinking you're in it for some gain. Ha, if that were so, you'd be playing in a famous rock band. Evidently, that event string was not your true mission or purpose.

Synchronicity has been hitting me very hard lately, almost making me a believer that there is something to intention/thought/manifestation. I'm a musician and have been all my life, since about 8 years old. Things are falling into place with my playing as most jazz players will tell you it's all about letting go and playing from the heart. My intuitive playing is reaching new heights and I feel it has something to do with elevated energy levels hitting the Earth at this time. I find that the more I try hard, the harder it becomes. So, I've been trying to follow my instincts and just BE, lay back a bit and see some options before jumping at them. Every thing has it's purpose, even the little encounters where I think there is an energy exchange.

Have you ever played a lick or an idea and a short time later, a prominent player will be playing that same idea?
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