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They know now which's the real color of an exoplanet, HD 189733b, at a bit less than 63 YL from this thread: it's "Deep Cobalt Blue", and they can see that thank to the Hubble's & Spitzer's big eyes and deep sights.

HD 189733, the sun of this planet, is a red or orange dwarf sited in the foxy constellation of Vulpécula, and you can see her in the sky with her 7'7 magnitude.

HD 189733b is a Júpiter-like planet, a gaseous giant with wáter vapour and colossal wind storms with rainfalls of liquified silicate chrystals. It's supposed that the silicate particles are the origin of the visible blue spectre of light showed by the amazing planet.

...so BLUE is the color, bros. Look at Uranus, Neptune... and US. And now that alien cosmic guy.

[link to www.independent.co.uk]

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