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Message Subject Since the end of June, Hundreds of UFO sightings in Portugal!!
Poster Handle Luisport
Post Content
and we saw them clearly! Some pass right on top of our house on slow velocity...
 Quoting: Luisport

How big did they look and did you see them fly out of sight or did they just disappear? Was it a solid looking object or light orbs?
 Quoting: lionhound

Oh and how many did you see?
 Quoting: lionhound

well we see clearly 6 small disc form ships, with lights (red and green) circling on his diameter... it was very funny to see! When two of them pass right over our house we see below them an aterrisage structure and 2 or 3 white lights. We see a much biger ship too, compleatly different from the small ones. Disc form too, but allmost invisible... we only see that was a ship because was slowly moving and only two white lights on diameter.
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