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Message Subject Alien craft but flown by man...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Most of the UFO's seen today are man made. If the government admitted this then it would open up too many questions as to why we are still paying for OIL when we have the technology avail. for free, clean energy.. That would mean the people in power (who are in power only due to the $$ that they've made thru raping this planet for oil and keeping the people dumb) would no longer have power and we'de all be equal (so to speak)

Any new technology that comes along be it cold fusion or electric batteries that are "TOO Efficient" and could threaten the wealth of the oil people is quietly locked away by the US government or confiscated under the guise that it could upset the monatary stability of the US, sure it could but the only people who would suffer are the people pulling the strings now... We have the technology to travel to the stars with free energy not fossil fuel but until the powers that be are dismantled from within or above we will be kept in the dark forced to suck from the oil nipple.....

The alien guise will be used as an end game for control or destruction of the masses, don't be fooled it's man flying those things..
 Quoting: ENKI_2012 22177177

Man does not fly them, never has, flight would shred the body.
Today, man no longer pilots most these craft remotely, it's is almost completely artificial intelligence, AI, autonomous flight, and control.

Dig and you shall find...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14703874

WRONG - Man does fly these.. I understand what you're saying but here's where you're wrong. In traditional crafts/planes etc. everything inside is effected by G-force and as of now the space shuttle missions were traveling at 17k mph in a straight line, but if they could immediatly stop and do a 90 deg. turn the G's would be deadly. But what we have in the off world crafts is a gravity shield around the ship so G's are not a factor inside the ship. Tesla actually wrote about this before the US gov. stole all his research so we could keep the earthly oil gods monetarily in power.
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