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Message Subject "Aliens may be bypassing Earth to avoid idiot humans"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I´m sorry but i don´t believe that aliens don´t want to have a contact with us, I don´t have idea why they don´t arrive to earth and meet the main goverments of the world, although there are some comments that they have already had contacted with importants people, example Area 51.
 Quoting: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

they're in like Flynn with the goverments

have been since the 40's

you see when they arrive with a lot of hoopla and pomp and circumstance

it will be to deceive the majority hereupon

the gullible who are in wait of what they believe will be their "saving grace"

meanwhile you've turned your backs on your only saving grace

and are too dense to have noticed

but guess what?

we've been keeping score

the tally has been met

soon those who are here to do Gods work will all be "sealed"

and the end can commence

commencing with a grand arrival of your "superiors" from outer space

the same entities who've been supplying your propaganda machines here on earth for eons, and/or years and years in some states

playing good cop bad cop and you'd think you'd be hep to that game by now, but alas, not a clue

you'll rush out as if you were going to a homecoming parade with all the bells and whistles signifying a glorious new Age with all the "high tech" paraphenalia that you could ever hope to get your grubby little hands upon


and get you will, hand over fist

right up until you realize that the rusted treble hook is sunk so fully into your lips that your not even able to squalk when the hammer comes down on your empty little heads

fish on

no doubt about that

no chum required

these people lure themselves in with their high hopes and lack of common sense

never stopping to consider that life has a way of paying people back exactly what it is they've earned and well deserve

I mean, since when did the people of say, sodom and gomorrah wake up and find manna from heaven from hell to breakfast with every high tech gadget they could only dream about having... a chicken in every pot as it were and will indeed be

and everyone will club themselves and throw their bodies into the net

"shoot me first, shoot me first"

I've come to reap my just rewards for a life well lived in selfless endeavor

hence I have no doubt I am due

overly due

in spades...

now then, in the end just whom do you believe history will glorify as the victors?


or your benefactors

the ones that will do you in by way of your own hands in their regard

with you celebrating them all the while

cake and eat it too


truth is they'd for sure bypass you if you weren't on their utmost agenda without measure, without doubt list...

and they, unlike yourselves, are intelligent enough to fear the living God enough so as to heed His bidding when He boots them back to the earth. you think they'd dare defy His edicts in ANY regard? think again... if even satan knows better than to play fast and loose with Omniscience, who in the hell are you?

those two factions are full on adversaries and yet both satan and the slew of fallen angels will be coming forth with explicit instructions in your regard, and in each and every regard across the board...

you being at the very bottom of that list, having escaped the preclusions list altogether, sadly

that's right, you're IN

In like Flynn
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