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Message Subject "Aliens may be bypassing Earth to avoid idiot humans"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Earth is a quarantined planet. Deemed extremely unstable and dangerous, the bipedal and sentient developed hominoid are the most dangerous and destructive creatures currently in the known universe. With the leadership cult, currently capable of rendering the planet lifeless in under 60 minutes with the use of Fission/fusion projectile devices launched in short period arcs to other parts of its own planet its certain destruction is guaranteed in under 200 years,(Earth period time standard).
Most significantly is the so called "humans" extraordinary nature in the craft of every life eliminating attributes. Use of war craft and so called economic development in its current era has resulted in the deaths of over 250,000,000 humans in the past 6000 years of current history. Historical research teams that have been allowed to land have found previous evidence of advanced civilizations which were destroyed from war craft dating back to 12,500years E.S.T., 25,000 years E.S.T. and 50,000 years E.S.T.
The humans currently render extinct no less than five species of life per day through habitat destruction and chemical output of industry.
Illegal intrusions by various members of the current 6,205 member planets have resulted in no less than 25 deaths at the hands of the human leadership over the past 250 E.S.T. years.
A reminder that entering and attempting to land in the Earth/Jovian gas giant Class G system is a still a class 3 violation and will result in craft confiscation and jail time of no less than 10 cycles.
Have a nice day.
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