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Message Subject "Aliens may be bypassing Earth to avoid idiot humans"
Poster Handle Emiliano Zapata
Post Content
Today, there are over 7 billion people in the world, in 1900 there were 1.5 billion people, in 1830 there were 1 billion people on the earth, in 1650 there were 500 million people on earth, and at the time when Jesus was on earth there were 250 million people on earth.

The further we go back in time, we find that there were fewer and fewer people on the earth, and we quickly arrive back to the time of the very first two people, who would have to be one man and one woman.

After putting a man and a woman on this planet, they would quickly multiply and their descendants would begin cutting down the tress, for habitation and farming, and they would turn the planet into a desert.

The fact that the planet is not an entirely a desert proves that humans have only been here for a few thousand years, and that they could not have come from apes.

Scientists have proven that every human has the DNA material, which they call Y-chromosomal Adam, and this proves that all of us are descended from the same man. Scientists have proven that every human has the DNA material, which they call Mitochondrial Eve, and that this proves that all of us are descended from the same woman.

A closely guarded secret of the lying evolutionists is that of the work of John Haldane, who was an evolutionist and mathematician, and he is famous for the work that is known as Haldaneís Dilemma.

It proved to be a real dilemma to Haldane, because he proved mathematically that even under the most favourable circumstances; that for evolution to go just from apes to humans would take 50,000 billion years.

Scientists say that the Universe is only 20 billion years old, and this proves conclusively that there has not been enough time for evolution to have occurred, even though evolution from atoms to humans is impossible no matter how much time it is given.

We know that the invisible gravity and that the earthís invisible magnetic field exist even though we cannot see them.

The Bible tells us that God is an invisible Spirit, and the Bible says that good angels and bad angels are created spirit beings, but the Bible does not provide the additional information that they are also invisible.

We can logically deduce that the good angels are invisible and rebel angels like Satan the Devil and his demons are invisible, because the Bible tells us that they are on the earth, but no human has ever seen them, just like no human has ever seen gravity or the earthís magnetic field.

The very first man could not have had a human father or a human mother, but only a Heavenly Father who is the Creator, and the first woman could not have had a human father or a human mother, but only a Heavenly Father who is the Creator.

Jesus had a human mother, but not a human father, because the Bible tells us that Jesus is the Son of God, and that on many occasions, Jesus called God His Heavenly Father.

The first man was non living before his creation, and God made the first man to live, and this is proof that God can bring the dead back to life as He has promised to, and this fact has been recorded in the Bible.

The Bible tells us that first woman was made from the first manís rib, and this proves that Jesus healed every type of sickness in Ancient Israel, because making Eve from a rib could be considered as the ultimate recorded act of healing.

God created the Universe, and so He can knock down the walls of Jericho, and control the weather, and make the earth do what He wants, and because God made the oceans, He can part the Red Sea, and Jesus could walk on water.

God has promised everlasting life to those who obey Him, and the Bible is the true History of origins of the human race and the true understanding of present world conditions, and the true prophesy of the future.

I believe that some evolutionists have been deceived because other evolutionists have resorted to deliberately fabricating what they present as evidence, and which has later been found to have been a deliberately fabricated fraud.

Piltdown man is one of the many shams, and some cosmologists lie by saying that the material Universe came from nothing, but banknotes cannot come from nothing, and evolutionistsí good pay comes from their false teachings.

The Universe contains something, and because something cannot come from nothing; then, either Someone or something must have always existed.

Things cannot create themselves; therefore, it must be a Someone who has always existed; the Creator could not be created, because the One who created Him would be the Creator; and, the Creator could not create Himself, because nothing creates itself.

God certainly exists, and He could not have been created by anyone else, and He could not have created Himself; then logically, He must have always existed, and the Bibles tells us that God will always exist.

God speaks to humans by means of a Book, because in this way his servants at any time in history can know the same amount of truth.

By providing the same the same information with the Bible, it shows that God is just and that He loves us all equally.

Schools and Teachers give their Students the same book for each subject for good and proper reasons.

Writing was the only way to record in those days, and the Bible allows us to refresh our memories by rereading the Scriptures.

The best way for God to communicate to all humans through the ages would be a Book, and even Historians do this.

God chose faithful and honest People to write down what God wanted recorded.

The Bible tells us that the sinless Son of God, Jesus, paid the price for the sins for all humans, and because Jesus died sinless, Jesus did not need a redeemer, and therefore God raised Jesus up from the dead and back to life, and according to the Bible, Jesus is mankindís only redeemer, and Jesus is now forever in Heaven.

The Bibles says that those People who obey God, and who believe the Bible, and who have faith in Godís Son Jesus Christ, will live forever.
(Yet Another J S, 2 May 2012 15:00)
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