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I am one of the reasons why this world is fucked up

serrated edge
User ID: 39631320
United States
07/13/2013 01:54 AM
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I am one of the reasons why this world is fucked up
everyday I get on glp and see if any thing happens, I am tired of hearing about the ever controlling police state
that is clamping down on our asses, race wars in the making
by the George Zimmerman trial, and to top it all off as soon
as get done reading the threads I know this is not a dam
thing I could do about it.

I know its just not me that is feeling the same dam way,
because I know if I went out there trying to change the
world I would be either dead or on in jail were I would
probably rot and nobody would give a dam. I am not afraid
to die but if did try to help make this world a better place
I know nobody would follow and try to help out.

the powers that suck knows this and there is nothing we can
do so sit back and buckle up because this shit were seeing
right now is only icing on the cake.