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Subject Teenager sparks alien scare after discovering 'extra terrestrial corpse' which turns out to be misshapen baboon
Poster Handle Person445
Post Content
When 17-year-old Curt-Leigh Dixon stumbled across a mysterious dead body with spindly arms, a shrivelled head and giant teeth, he thought he'd found an alien corpse.

His 'groundbreaking' discovery sparked a frenzy of speculation online and in his hometown of Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, where villagers hailed it as proof extra-terrestrials live among us; others said it was, at the very least, a strange cross-breed between a seal and a monkey.

Either way, they knew it would make the town rich... until the local vet revealed it was a baby baboon.

Read more: [link to www.dailymail.co.uk]
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