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Subject Mysterious Strange and unidentified thing on the moon ... energy / alien / ... what ?
Poster Handle told ya
Post Content

Big picture of it:

[link to d38zt8ehae1tnt.cloudfront.net]

you can FIND IT YOURSELVE here: just zoom in and in ... ( under the enlighted halve crater...)link:

[link to wms.lroc.asu.edu]

Image Name: AS16-P-4095
Mission: Apollo 16
Revolution (Orbit): 17
Camera: Panoramic
Exposure: N/A
Camera Tilt: Forward
Scan Pixel Scale: N/A
Start Time: (DOY:112) 1972-04-21T03:23:45
Spacecraft Altitude: 115.16 km
Center Coordinates (lat, lon): 8.91°,178.31°
Corner Coordinates: 11.81°,175.99°
Sun Elevation: 1.0°
Features: STEIN, WEST OF
Film Type: 3414
Color: black&white
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