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dear illuminati let me illuminate you on the galactic affairs

Lucian Apollo Zalmoxe Lumina
User ID: 43254958
07/13/2013 03:10 PM
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dear illuminati let me illuminate you on the galactic affairs
when the americans exploded 2 primitive nuclear devices on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945

you attracted the attention of spaceships from Vega,Bagran ,Vegran,Alcor ,Alfard and Zegetin

so they decided to help our planet overcome its destruction

unfortunately help does not sound helpful for you :)))

they discovered the giant brain used by the Andromeda galaxy civ to program this planet in war affairs and tech

this brain was reprogramed on the moon

they also discovered the original Atlantis brain in Bucegi and used it to spread their thoughts of...civilization as nthey see it

they also abducted and inseminated our women from the white and black race,because they are genetically compatible with them

and used their women with our men to produce hybrids

these hybrids were given a large quantity of gold residing in the carpathian and alps mountains

from the previous Bagran-Seth war 800 millions years ago

when Mars was sterilized

btw they also have a base on mars and are using the Seth facilities there

and these hybrids of both sexes are now in power on our beloved planet

they are expecting a large galactic fleet to come here in the Sol system around the years 2030-2040s

less than a century after thay asked for it

because their fleet was expanding their dominion of the Alliance of Humanoid Races into neighbour galactic societies

to prevent the apocalypse resulting from Andromeda collinding with this Milky Way galaxy in 14 billion years


they will invade us in about 20 years

they have their people on our planet

mainly in Europe America and Africa

and mainly white and black people

be loved

you will need it