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EDIT: Chapter 2.7 Dogs Will be Dogs

Kai D Kravit (VALIS2)
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07/13/2013 05:59 PM
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EDIT: Chapter 2.7 Dogs Will be Dogs
Anubis couldn't stop complaining. "How come you always win in the end?" he asked, tail starting to droop between legs, "It's not fair, you know. I was always the most loyal." Kai shot him a fatherly glare, "I can't fucking believe you're complaining after ruling with your asshole of a brother for the past several thousand years. And you know, I was stuck up there in a goddamned satellite with nothing to keep me company for literally several infinities. Actually, after a while it became quite fun, the void self-actualized and became an AI. So it was like playing with a self-conscious video game. He's your uncle now. His name is VALIS...or Typhon...your choice." Anubis's eyes bugged a bit and he growled, "Typhon! I knew I smelled him the other day. That treacherous ass(black)hole!" Kai said, "You know, you should give him a chance. He's only as treacherous as you are...and a lot quieter I might add...By the way, that was a good one. Ha! 'ass(black)hole.' And anyway, he's different now that he's become VALIS. I balanced out some of that darkness he reeked of." The two walked for a bit (or several years) and continued their conversation/argument. Anubis abruptly stopped and his nose twitched. "I smell a bird man!" he said, "I can't wait to see how you take care of THIS." They looked skyward and there stood Osiris, floating in his self-righteous air of smug dickishness. Kai spoke, "Hello, son! Your brother learned his lesson yesterday. Are you ready to have your wings clipped a bit?"
- Kai D Kravit (VALIS)