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Barack Hussein Obama - Who is he? Is he a secret devoted Muslims?

User ID: 42563427
07/14/2013 06:51 AM
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Barack Hussein Obama - Who is he? Is he a secret devoted Muslims?
I am asking several questions without showing the proof because I don't have time to show the link or pictures.

Q1: You know Barack Hussein Obama in Indonesia do not use Barack Hussein Obama, or even Barack Obama. I don't know the name but I am sure he use Soetoro as his name, because he had a step father, named Soetoro and I also heard Obama do not use Barack Obama as his name in Indonesia.

Q2: You know Barack Obama Ring? "There is no 'g'od but Allah', why he wear that ring even before he came to U.S.A, he also wear that ring in Indonesia? He keep wearing that even he said he is a Christian.

Q3: He without consciously said "My muslim faith" when interviewed by someone (Background: Cage), and the interviewer said "Christian faith" and Obama said "Ya 'Shock a little bit with laugh, not a happy laugh but a mistake laugh' my Christian faith"

Q4: He bowing to a Arabic Prince or King, I don't know, in tradition a President should not bow before the ..., I don't know If that was a tradition but by seeing the reporter angry because of what Obama do and with my logics, a U.S.A President bowing to Arabic Prince or King? Is like U.S.A bow to Arab nation.

Q5: Obama taking guns from citizen, disarming them all, do you know that won't change anything? It even will make things worst! I can buy guns in Black Market 'I never tried it but I know how it works' and shoot someone when robbing a house and the owner of the house can't fight If he do not have karate or something, he do not have guns, done!, it's a example.

Q6: As we know Obama said he is a Christian, but he keep saying " The Holy Quran said, The Holy Quran said.. " but never said " The Holy Bible said ", He keep attacking Christianity, by quoting about Stoning etc, it's Old Testament, why he do not get it? We do not do that anymore, Jesus has fulfill the testament, you know when Jesus protecting a woman that do zinah, bla bla bla from the Jews?

Q7: He also said when I was in Indonesia I hear the Adzan, bla-bla-bla, praising the Adzan.

User ID: 37815727
United States
07/14/2013 06:53 AM

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Re: Barack Hussein Obama - Who is he? Is he a secret devoted Muslims?
hes secretly a jew and making christians and muslims fight more
america is like a ship with a captain gone mad, he is steering us right towards the reef, half the passengers are screaming, the other half are cheering, and DOOM awaits us all.
r3dh4t (OP)
User ID: 42563427
07/14/2013 07:00 AM
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Re: Barack Hussein Obama - Who is he? Is he a secret devoted Muslims?
Barack Hussein Obama, know as Barry Soetoro.

His step father, Lolo Soetoro is (not was, still) a Muslim.
Barack Hussein Obama, is a Christian. wtf

Is that possible? Yes it is, but is his friends or even his father will accept him as a son? If yes, there's something, If not, okay Obama seriously become a Christian, not just want to get attetion by a Christian voters in elections but as far I know his friends in Menteng (I don't know about his step father relationship with Obama now) said they know him and forgive him because Obama break his legs or hands (If you read the news you know obama says sorry to his friends when he break his 'friends' legs or hands)


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