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Message Subject Will the Illuminati succeed in there plan to create a New World Order?
Poster Handle jdb
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I'm a Muslim and pray every day and I do believe the antichrist will come one day because it is written in the Quran and the Bible. Deep down in my heart, I hope that that the Illuminati will fail because they are waiting for the antichrist and I don't think he will come for a long time. But with the Illuminati owning the media (well, a lot of it), they might succeed in bringing a NWO. Muhammad (pbuh) said that one of the major signs of the end of the world is that the ratio of men to women will be 1:50 which is no where near that now and that is why I think that the Illuminati will not succeed.
 Quoting: Haiyna

Yes they will succeed - Thanks for asking!

The devil controls them and they *will* have their one world gov, because *it is written*!

However, their time for open totalitarian control and blasphemy will be very short! Then for all who don't repent, they will regret with a regret that is beyond imagination for eternity! God is Just, God is not mocked! What is written will come to pass! Judging from the markers we are given, the time is upon us right now, so, you won't have to wait very long before your concerns diminish!

Praise and Glory to God!
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