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last nite i had 4 angery black youts outside my gate fucking with me

fuck em fuck em all
User ID: 43343388
United States
07/14/2013 11:58 AM
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last nite i had 4 angery black youts outside my gate fucking with me
so this is how its gonna be huh

they were throwing rocks at my dogs and my stuff

mumbling some justice crap

they kept it up until about 330am

until i popped over the fence and yelled at them, then threw some of my left over fire works at them

then they went screaming into the nite like some weird idk what to call it.... i never heard black folks make them kind of noises while screaming and running...

i know who they are and where they live

i followed them ya see....i found out where they hang out

they are messing with all the white people in the neighborhood smashing stuff, breaking windows

until someone gets killed, the police will turn a blind eye

this is a base known fact here... especially with the young ones..they just do what they please with no thought of consequences

i seen another thread where they were throwing paint on the cars....its sad ....really

i never call the cops they couldnt handle them anyways

they are too busy in the local hooker joint smoking crack while on duty

so we on our own here and we will fight to the death to defend our families

viva American 5a

one American family lock and loaded and ready to defend...