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Message Subject Impeach President Obama & Remove Him from Office
Poster Handle MagTog
Post Content
He does'nt have a American birth certificate issue is still unsolved! impeach-its been 6 years and he has'nt shown one, what, were going to wait 8 years and its to late, then what, its to late? I don't think its suppose to work that way!
 Quoting: Richard1

No...he showed one, and that was the only chance he had to deliver an authentic document. He provided a forgery. He doesn't get to work on another version and make it look more authentic and then give that one to us after the first one was a fake. He's guilty of fraud, treason and usurpation.

McCain, Romney and Obama are all ineligible to be president as well. So, they need to stand trial and then pay the penalty for treason and attempted usurpation - with Obama being charged with actual usurpation and McCain and Romney being charged with aiding and abetting the usurpation.
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