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Message Subject Everything Obama has done over the last four years will be Un-Done
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
All his Executive orders will be reversed. Drones will be outlawed and Privacy law will be re-established and also the constitution. This I know for a fact.
 Quoting: Insider 31964166

Is this the "role playing" or "fantasy" thread on GLP for today?

Cuz it sounds to good to be true.
 Quoting: oLOVEz

Don't you sense a change in the wind? They are loosing the information war. Mainstream media is pulling out all the stops but it won't be enough to hold back the tide of resistance. The change is coming from within. I am telling you this will happen and you will be inspired by what it. There is nothing that can stop it now.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31964166

Heck sure I've been constantly sensing the changes in the wind, from the drones' propellers to the spying microwaves. The grass keep getting greener on Barry's side. Sorry to burst your bubble but your wishful post is no more original than the other six thousand failed predictions

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