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Message Subject Obama Eligibility Resurrected: Congress Pays Attention
Poster Handle Reinvigorated Being
Post Content
How many years later?


 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18588951

You don't understand.

If he is proven ineligible to have served as President per the US Constitution, every EO, every piece of legislation that has been passed or given the OK to continue (Patriot Act), Obama Care... everything he has done - becomes null and void.

This is cause for celebration. It's much easier than impeachment. It takes out the whole fucking administration. Every person he's ever appointed - all of it. Gone.
 Quoting: Éireann

Not necessarily...Biden would be President since he'd have to step down...and anything Obama passed I'm sure Biden would have approved.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17218268


Biden is an accomplice. We would rally for the entire circus to be removed and for new elections to take place immediately and that would include every member of congress. This might even mean State and Federal. We have to push for a vote of no confidence in our currently elected government both State and Federal and remove the corruption. Just put normal fucking people in there for a change.
 Quoting: Éireann

I wish I wasn't so tired & could remember the correct wording but perhaps the bit I CAN remember will help jog someone else's memory. A short time ago, a Sheriff(IIRC), said that if required number of States were to come together &(here is where I'm fuzzin out) something like electing a Constitutional Congress or Government, that the Sheriffs would back/support/follow them. This ringin any bells for anyone?
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