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Message Subject Obama Eligibility Resurrected: Congress Pays Attention
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
For the rest of my life, it will be my goal to put everyone within the government who knew about Obama's ineligibility in prison. Same goes for those who blocked efforts to have the matter examined, plus those who were too stupid or lazy to investigate it for themselves, as they are derelict in their duties.

The fact that this is coming to a head NOW and not much, much earlier just shows that this is part of the play they're acting out. They do everything at their own time, which means that this is their chosen time to change the scene and get started on the next phase of their plan.

I, for one, will not be pacified with the conviction and removal of Obama. The problem goes much deeper than Obama. It is systemic. It's a cancer. I will only be worried for what comes next.
 Quoting: MagTog

with the zimmerman gasoline

it would add cred to a possible 'racially motivated assassination'

Who has studied the original Denver airport creepy paintings

Remember the burning ciries, the children gathered sadly around the sacrifice

The Jaguar on a pedestal...

this is where this goes...so the funds to drag the dirty laundry out in front of the world beinging such a creature down...




race wars scorned

as others throw gasoline

new money systems about tocommence

Get ready

it is before the world

and the statue of libertas/lucifer the "lightbearer" is presented

The stooge will tumble
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