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Message Subject CORY MONTEITH - Assassination by Vancouver Illuminati Drug/Porn/Monarch Mob
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
 Quoting: GT500

This GT500 member banned me from one of his threads because I posted rational and realistic information. Since this thread seems to have a more rational and unbiased audience, I will post the following observation and opinion:

Most, if not all, the posters in his thread about disappeared children are saying that the children kidnappers are the CPS. Is not that an unfounded biased claim? Iíve seen families in circumstances where children are neglected and the CPS didnít intervene for the longest time (about the first 7 years of those children lives). When the CPS finally intervened, the social workers were very lenient and too tolerant for the level of neglecting the children of that family had endured. Those children are still with their parents. In that particular family, neglecting has been greatly reduced but not enough as to say that those parents are fully aware of the meaning of been a responsible adult ready for parental duties.
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