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Message Subject CORY MONTEITH - Assassination by Vancouver Illuminati Drug/Porn/Monarch Mob
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I shit you not.

Earlier this spring I was about to become one of these victims. I was at a after party in a unfamiliar house with unfamiliar people. By the hand I God I was saved from becoming a Snuff film star.

I was bound with my arms behind my back and a empty syringe approaching my neck with a camera in my face. Then a voice guided me to call out 'Yahshua Save Me' And that's when the unbelievable happened.

The one with the syringe got knocked across the room into the wall by God. And a voice in the room called for the others in the room to untie me. The man with the syringe seemed to have a mind control over the others and his power was broken after God knocked him out.

I know unbelievable but yeah Jesus saved me. It happened. It really did. The Lord himself didn't want me dead at the hands of a demon.
 Quoting: Duk3 Nuk3m 3h

Was this supposed to be a gay porn snuff flick?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30498735

nope, typical male female orgy type.
 Quoting: Duk3 Nuk3m 3h

Just one thing now to ask you, please.
Do you realize you owe your life to Someone who has the right
now to ask you to totally commit to give Him your heart? -- and your faithfulness, your integrity, your future, and your trust?
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