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Message Subject CORY MONTEITH - Assassination by Vancouver Illuminati Drug/Porn/Monarch Mob
Poster Handle Duk3 Nuk3m 3h
Post Content
Yeah I know.... Frankly the last thought before being saved/killed wasn't wanting to save my own life but instead was "Gee this is gonna upset my mom".

I want to get off this wretched earth so bad. And murdered while sedated on drugs wouldn't be the worst way to go I think.

Before this incident I believed in God, prayed and gave thanks. Now I don't mess around with Raves and chemical drugs anymore because I get the feeling The Lord isn't a fan of that.

So Thank-you Lord for watching and loving and saving me. But It feels like my prison sentence has only been extended.

Thank-you Lord again for watching over me. I know there has been many a times you've kept me safe without my notice. And I probably didn't deserve it, but you are Great and do so anyways to express how Great you are.

Lord if you call me to do what you ask I will listen. But I cant guess what that is without hearing your voice.

But I really just want to come home right now. I hate this world. Its so wrong only you can make it right.
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