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Message Subject CORY MONTEITH - Assassination by Vancouver Illuminati Drug/Porn/Monarch Mob
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
 Quoting: GT500

This GT500 member banned me from one of his threads because I posted rational and realistic information. Since this thread seems to have a more rational and unbiased audience, I will post the following observation and opinion:

Most, if not all, the posters in his thread about disappeared children are saying that the children kidnappers are the CPS. Is not that an unfounded biased claim? I’ve seen families in circumstances where children are neglected and the CPS didn’t intervene for the longest time (about the first 7 years of those children lives). When the CPS finally intervened, the social workers were very lenient and too tolerant for the level of neglecting the children of that family had endured. Those children are still with their parents. In that particular family, neglecting has been greatly reduced but not enough as to say that those parents are fully aware of the meaning of been a responsible adult ready for parental duties.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14102964

All lies.......and don't take it personal I ban people all the time!

Good night shill.........

CPS is your hero AC? G! T! F! O!
 Quoting: GT500

All truths...CPS is not a hero in all cases, but in some cases they can help a lot at the point of deserving the title of 'hero'.

I'm still puzzled on the fact that you are not even able to establish a rational argument/debate/acknowledgement on these points(see below) I posted on your 'children disappearance' thread. I'm starting to think that you're just looking for attention in grand scale a la 'Snowden' but you're failing at it:

1. Have you at least been in charge of kids for a short or long period of time? Even if this means just to help with watching your own family children.

2. Have you closely observed neighborhoods where there are families with children? And have you observed even more closely how responsible or irresponsible some parents could be depending on the corresponding given circumstances? Examples of tough circumstances could be depression, substance addiction, physical and mental health issues, etc.

3. Have you noticed how some children (due to certain innate or nurtured aspects/characteristics) have been, are and probably will continue to be rejects? This rejection can be felt/noted even by their own parents, families, and teachers and so on.

4. Have you remarked that some family members won’t compromise (rat) each other by reporting they’re own relatives (children or adults) been abused by other family members?

5. Indeed, this ‘dont-talk-better-to-ignore’ individual and group decision applies in a larger scale. In other words, most cases of children abuse go unreported because people rather keep a good relationship between each other by consciously ignoring the different kind of abuses done to children/adults by their own relatives, friends, co-workers, neighbors and it keeps going like that unfortunately.

Blaming only or mainly the Illuminati (or whatever is the latest trendy name for the TPTB) appears to be the main conclusion on the street/internet of who is the guilty party on this global issue. However, in reality this is but an easy way out that society members chose instead of facing this lack of micro-social-responsibility approach towards the expected proper protective-care of children.

I'm not been biased or taking sides, just been as realistic and rational as I can be for now.
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