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FREE UR SHEEPLE MINDSET!!! TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISIONS FOREVER!!!! It will dead set be the best thing you ever did!!!

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07/15/2013 02:19 AM
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FREE UR SHEEPLE MINDSET!!! TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISIONS FOREVER!!!! It will dead set be the best thing you ever did!!!
I DONT CARE AND I AM NOT FORCING ANYONE TO READ THIS, I AM WRITING THIS MORE TO JUST GET IT OUT OF ME AND TO SEE IF ANYONE CAN RELATE TO OR EMPATHISE ?...so if you do not have anything nice or constructive to reply to me, then please dont,,, K well I went thru some sh!t bout two years ago and i had to grab my two kids (who at the time were aged b/9+g/11) from school and running away and leaving everything we owned and knew in the middle of the day with just a backpack and a very helpful friend! The only one i had left...(My constantly {sumtimes not so quickly} but always reforming fallen Angel!) Anywayz point being, My Angel (A) dragged me out and took me and da kiddies to a safe house at this ladies place in the middle of sweet fu*k'n nowhere...
I was seemingly and incomprehensively ripped from my cushie and COMPLETELY swaddled lifestyle of Monsanto Produce and a strict diet of ignorance and idiot box... So no more comfort zone and i had never been in a position before where i have been vulnerable and needed help like this, I was always the one offering my help and home to strays and now I was the stray so while trying so hard not to impose on her home and kindness, i sorta stayed in my room, or sat outside or took my kids to the park. I completely and woefully submitted to the loss of my beloved vicarious fantasy world and I stopped watching tv altogether (cos she only had the one +4 kids of her own) after that the radio just slipped away too until finally i realised about a year ago i have absolutely no influence at all from the outside worlds media (my mum calls me if there is a natural disaster or something i need to know {HAARP??})
So its no big deal, but I have noticed since i dont listen to depressing stories of murdered people, raped kids and govt conspired "terrorist" attacks (with life shortening 15min ads on funeral cover insurance), that my days are awesome and even stressless cos they not filled, drilled and amplified with "their" rules and bad evil juju tryna brainwash their New World Disorder life fu@king sh!t, into my head!!! I CAN MATERIALISE PRACTICALLY ANYTHING WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES OF MY NEEDS!!! (OMG I need that dress soooo bad!)
I full thought/still think "I am delusional" "I am imagining it" and "I am completely unclassifiebly insane" ...for mentioning it but here goes.... one day i was havin a mini tants, like a spoiled brat, and I absently wished for a hundred dollars so i could gorge myself on lollies, (i seen some kid wif a big bag and i wanted some) and after convincing my rather disgruntled other half (A) to let me blow our last four bucks on red frogs....mmmm...anywayz when i got out of the car at our local shop, i walked past their lil concrete "garden" and would u believe it ...there was two fifty dollar bills folded up....WORD!!! and since then i have been "testing my boundaries" and now its like, almost everything i want manifests almost immediately, or shortly after, or the next possible physical opportunity. I have been sorta tryna test my limits but I dont think there is any!!!! Lucid dreaming and astral projection are quiet regular occurrences for me, and people wanna know why I luv my sleep...but I now know there aint much difference between sleep and wake except for what you believe you can do!!!
Disposing of that tethering addiction to television has been the most enlightening thing i have done....really! No more having to rush to go out and home again to watch some mindless brain numbing, one track frequency, showing only the 'Elite scripted' dose of dumb ass civilian submissive programming for the day...
Now dont get me wrong, Im not gone omish or anything, I am sitting in front of my mac book pro right now. I am not altogether opposed to viewing our global triumphs/tribulations (only now on my terms though and not thru channel Elite))....
My Mac is my main source of alternative intellect, helping me learn new tools to develop the unity between my spirit and this poor planets consciousness
...and i sh!t you not lol, removing 98% of controlled media has given me the time to meditate, philosophise(?), and listen to the constantly nattering quite intuitive channel of voices I like to refer to as 'them/ or the universal mind. I now not only think outside the box but also look outside the box...and WoW if ur eyes are open (and i still think mine always have more room to open) the things you discover will awe inspire you to help this planet, I feel more freedom then i ever have, so much so that i can even leave home without my mobile and actually be happier for not having it! (or the interruptions).... I do believe its all those ads telling you what you should have and whats good for you and whats not...its all a pack of lies and our lives and health are just a game to those sick twisted mother fuckers....
OK so if there is anyone still reading this out there saying to themselves "i want a hundred bucks" and expecting it to magically materialise...good luck!!! I still am not entirely sure on how why or wat is happening but i do know one thing..... Gratitude is Paramount.... Also it has made me aware of every single thought i think because although this sounds like a positive thing it can also work in the opposing manner and if i am having a bad day i absolutely will not go out after the following experience...The last time i had a sh!t day i went down to the shop and the atm ate my card, so i came back home to grab id and pulled out of my driveway and got four houses away and got pulled over by the cops and given $700 worth of fines and all points demerited from my learners, two weeks before i could get my provisional! AAArrrggghh!!! Ok so i went home and surrounded myself with assorted crystals profusely apologising to the universe for being a crabby grump for no reason ....and WORD...the fines and demerits have disappeared off their system??? (or never really existed??) I was a very cynical skeptic never really having any faith in anything always wanting to see proof of EVERYTHING before i would consider having "faith." Well, i like to think that this was when i realised that i had nothing left for my kids, but complete, dependant total, faith. (and hope! ....but faith comes first) I was at my lowest point in life, and the kids entire future (as resilient, functioning happy adults) was in drastic jeopardy, if I didnt make immediate changes, seemingly unrealistic changes to my extremely detrimental ego controlled life, then my beautiful babies were going to suffer, Im not just saying this because im their mum, i actually thought they were quite naughty til recently, lol but u will honestly probably never meet two such well behaved, honest, and selfless youngsters, my two creations, and i am very far from Angelic, its so weird to think that in all my uncontrollable rebellion and ruckus, i managed to whip up these awesome creatures that fill my heart and life with their awesome lil energies, I will admit, due to having them so young and with my fickle, immature behaviour at times, I was in no way any sort of role model for the only childhood my blessed kids had to experience, i have since quit drinking my two year two wild turkey bottls a day, i dont drink now and i refused to let the medicate me to quit, lol went from wild turkey to cold turkey and endured that for three weeks, but also, maybe thats why this stuff happens now, cos im not drunk??? K and another thing...i came home in a sober state from tafe one afternoon (the last) and walked in to cop 12 full force punches to the front of my head and face (found out i can not get knocked out by blunt force trauma or a rugby spear tackle, i think i think to much to shut my brain off,lol!!! i only ever felt the first punch and to distract myself i counted the POW's and the colourful red, yellow, then black explosions) that no abundant amounts of gratitude to the universe for whatever meager or mega morsal it has managed to materialise for you, cockiness, a high expectancy, showing off and having hope but lacking in faith will ultimately hinder your efforts, I have also recently discovered that I am apparently one of the first (b.1984) of this Gen of indigos, so i could also maybe say i could do this all along but due to the overcontrolling circumstances, i was drunkenly and depressingly dragging myself through everyday as a personal punching bag. What a life, these 'gifts' remained shrouded in my own existential questioning and doubts, possibly never to be Oh yeah and just the other night (
A) and I were at the pokies/slots and he was cranky cos he was losing...I told him well cheer up and be nice to the machines like this....and i turnrd around and put 2 bucks in for a dollar twenty bet and asked the machine really nicely if it could please maybe just let me win a lil bit so (A) wouldnt want to go home... well first press i won $540 the most money i ever won ever!!! But when he inflated my head (ego) and i started getting cocky thats when i lost ($20) and decided to go home, lol well thats it for now i feel satisfactorily vented thanks!!! :)
I wanna meet more freak-like indigo/incarnates!!! Im sick of these humans that just dont give a fukc?! Like what is the go people...your planet is dying by your hand and all u ego driven idiots do is go get another car or some othet bull sh!t thing...
go plant a try ...fly a kite... Pik up other ppls rubbish...I do...right in front of them and they're more ashamed about it than I am!!! ♥♡♥
Great White
User ID: 43363316
07/15/2013 02:22 AM
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Re: FREE UR SHEEPLE MINDSET!!! TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISIONS FOREVER!!!! It will dead set be the best thing you ever did!!!
Its called programming for a reason.

And the majority actually invite it into their homes.

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United States
07/15/2013 02:41 AM

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Re: FREE UR SHEEPLE MINDSET!!! TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISIONS FOREVER!!!! It will dead set be the best thing you ever did!!!
Thank you for sharing hf
I can't force people to accept the truth, but I can expose them to it.

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United States
07/15/2013 02:44 AM
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Re: FREE UR SHEEPLE MINDSET!!! TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISIONS FOREVER!!!! It will dead set be the best thing you ever did!!!
i hate the tv and never watch it,
I was excited to see what this thread had to say

but i will not read a wall of bold underline text without any format to it.. wow..

break that up
un bold it
un underline it
make it readable and i will be back
"Fear paints pictures of ghosts and hangs them in the gallery of ignorance." Robert Green Ingersoll