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Introducing ÓgIolarScoláire, an eagle that left the nest of this account!

The blind still see

User ID: 41602783
United States
07/15/2013 03:54 PM

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Introducing ÓgIolarScoláire, an eagle that left the nest of this account!
If you saw some posts on this account, you may have been confused.

There are two different writing styles, two different mindsets, and two different zodiac signs that are usually labeled.

You may be thinking I am a schizophrenic, but I ASSURE you it was just my cousin... well he's not schizophrenic either, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, ÓgIolarScoláire is gonna have lots to share. Add to your buddy list if you are on mine. We have a lot of shared, but also contrasting views and are constantly communicating with one another OUTSIDE of GLP. Hell, we live together. hahahaha

For every negativity, create two positives!

~For wolf and moon

Part of a pack one wolf chose to leave
A life like his dreams this wolf chose to weave

On his own in the dark the wolf could not see
Nobody was telling him what to believe

When he questioned what truly made him free
It was always the moonlight guiding thee


The sheep may one day find, there was always a wolf inside.


I will always love and miss you Cloe 2005-2015