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Message Subject I want a pair of shades like that movie "they live"
Poster Handle robin
Post Content
[link to www.subversiveelement.com]
a statement made by Valdamar Valerian, director of LEADING EDGE RESEARCH:

"...A friend of mine and four of his friends experimented with crystalline structures a year or two ago (mid-1980's - Branton), and they figured out how to cut them along certain planes so they could actually see the aura or energy field around people. That's when they discovered that all people aren't 'people', or the people they thought they were. It appears that some E.T. humanoids have a dark blue ovoid aura. (Note: Aura cameras developed by Chuck Shramek -- yes, the same Chuck Shramek of the 'Hale-Bopp Companion' controversy -- and others clearly show the 7 multi-colored 'chakra' points of the human soul/spirit matrix. Presumably since reptilians have NO soul, they would have NO multicolored auric field. - Branton).
this will help kick off your search.
im assuming AURA glasses will show the energy signatures...

put aura glasses into your search engine to get prices.
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