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Obama-Zimmerman conspiracy theory

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 23860840
United States
07/15/2013 10:00 PM
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Obama-Zimmerman conspiracy theory
a lot of people have wondered why this Zimmerman trial has gone national. it's not like these things don't happen every day somewhere. look in the newspaper.

and now Obama has to stick his fingers in the pie, "honoring" the black guy that got shot, obviously talking to all the black people who are outraged that their homey dont get no justiss. he wants to look like he's on their side, so he gets more allegiance and support from them.

and people think it's strange that the president would get involved or make a statement about it.

don't you think the Chocolate Messiah had some minions hunt up a case like this, get it national attention (somehow, how did it happen anyway?) and use it to connect with black people?

remember, the IRS was busted targeting "tea party" groups and some of the IRS when questioned said their instructions came "straight from the top" so Obama would apparently capable of this.

what do you think.