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Message Subject Fuck Trayvon Martin
Poster Handle ficus
Post Content
what if Zimmerman had raped Trayvon after he was dead, like blacks usually do to white people?
 Quoting: Protagonist

Why would you mummy even care, she wanted it dead or alive, know what I mean?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 43501404

Not sure what that means. Apart from the original incident the media here have hardly mentioned the zimmerman trial at all i have been keeping up with the case through GLP. Has always seemed pretty clear cut to me clearly a case of self defence. If the kid had not been fucking about doing the wrong shit hed still be here today.Have always known the guy would be found not guilty also knew the blacks in the states would go balistic aftervthevverdict. Now on the news here tonight we see the blacks demonstrating wrecking stores cars and bashing white people. I know its not any of my business and im probably gonna cop a real ear bashing from all and sundry but i would like to ask the OP if this agro towards the white people continues how much will longer and what will it take before the whites start having a crack back ???? Do you think it will be full scale??? No disrespect meant just curious. PS am giving your rant 10 out of 10 some great articulation there well done
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