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Black males=rapists

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United States
07/16/2013 06:17 AM
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Black males=rapists
I don't think black women have raped many people, but the bottom line is black men rape. When the SHTF, they are gonna rape and rape and rape. They are gonna rape every white women they can. History shows this to be true, in every situation, in every war with blacks throughout history.

In Haiti, when French troops were called back to battle in Europe, the blacks killed all the white males, and raped every last white women. After they impregnated all the white women and it was all mulattos and blacks, the pure blooded blacks killed off the mulattos.

to this day Haiti is ruled by a black racist regime that believes in the purity of the black genes, and does not allow mulattos, or quadroons into their government, only pure blooded blacks, I guess they hold a black piece of paper up to them, as a standard.