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Message Subject Obama Executive Order: All Americans Must Get Tested For HIV/AIDS
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Im not an Obama fan but 2 of my uncles died of aids. Its a good thing.

Or you can think more nets can prevent mosquito aids death. Its you or them. They spread it radically in Africa.
 Quoting: Tallafornian

Where did your uncles contract the virus? Are they gay?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1048618

Drugs. Sharing needles. Very sad to see someone die of it. Former shadow of themselves for years. The test is a positive thing. I would give a sample yearly to prevent another being affected and going through it.

 Quoting: Tallafornian

NO, it's in the special flu shots you are given IF they suspect you shared a needle, look like a pansy, or activist(a suspected pot or IV drug user), or bad alky. In other words, community dreg to Republicans or bigPharm. Mosquitos can pass it along. Nurses accidentally give this special flu shots just for gays to help their weakened immunen system not come down with AIDS and we were to call and followup and get socials if possible of contacts which I thought was for IRS harrassment wiht Merck pharmaceuticals selling it. Well 3 nurses were given this special extra safe flu shot only for gays or suspect IV drug users, activists orbad alky's and nOT tell the they got the "special" shot we had to keep up with its lot numbers too to see how long it protected them from AIDS who were already HIV positive.

It's in the vials not the needles.Elite get vials with only salt water in it. Inner cities or areas banks want their homes get more mycoplasma added into it to get autoimmune diseases big time and cancer. This was in 1987 I knew o fit. ThenI learned the CDC was adding it with INTENT. So some groups went to empty vials so all got blank shots (not me or my idea although I thought it was cool. Some thought they should send the lots headed for Africa up to the Capital so they could see this stuff is real. I thought that was a Nazi idea and we weren't like the Rockefeller's. I knew one doc went back in to the V.A. to empty out the military vaccines in Gulfport, MS. I was upset she had returned to the system. I wanted no part of sickening or killing people to make sure we had lots of patieents or make them sick or die off or punish them for being hippies and taking tax dollars,etc. and having to stay mum on it and let peers do it even for all the years I hadn't been giving them. Once I knew mycoplasma was being grown with intent not some contamination I could not be part of doing harm even if it wipes out your into income and you get blackballed for having spoken and twisted things like others with cures happens.

They have been dropping mycoplasma over us in chemtrails with pus and pseudomonas another hospital contamination. I heard masons paid hospitals to let them dump the AIDS people waste high above EPA regulations to save money paying to dispose of it. So folks this may be how FEMA gets masses all HIV or mycoplasma positive. From the boydgraves.com website he found they added 100 times the amount of mycoplasma to give you HIV. You added 10 times to get sutoimmune diseases rolling. I forget the brew to make sure you got autism to keep you from inheriting.

There is a cure, but I will be banned from posting if I tell.It is simple.
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