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Message Subject Trying to link BOSTON BOMBER SUSPECTS to Murder of Marijuana Mogul
Poster Handle dmhennen
Post Content
new link:

[link to rt.com]

The media and investigators want to push their own narrative here...once again, trying to place two dead people (Tamerlan and Todashev) behind the triple murder of 2011.

Look for the following key phrases used in all stories related to solving this murder:

**Sept 11 murders (on the 10th anniversary of 9/11) murders were NOT on 9/11, but the bodies were FOUND then.

**repeat-mentioning of the Bostom Bombers and this murder...trying to connect the two.

**Jihadists and "extremists"

**Russian ties and the words Chechyn and Daegestan.

**using the phrase drug-robbery and the resulting murder....$5,000 was LEFT at the scene...this obviously wasn't a robbery.

What they have is an unsolved triple homicide and the local citizens want this thing solved. The State Police have taken over this case, and want to "solve" it quickly and close the books on this investigation. Look for a quick resolution here by these pricks.
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