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Message Subject Trying to link BOSTON BOMBER SUSPECTS to Murder of Marijuana Mogul
Poster Handle dmhennen
Post Content
What we have here is two seperate incidents that involved several folks who cross over into both.

Boston Bombings: Investigators need to look into this Staged Event, but need to focus on Graham Fuller (CIA agent who was key in starting up the Afghanistan Taliban in th e80s) , the Saudi National who recently attended the 4th of July at the White House and "Uncle" Ruslan (formerly married to Fuller's daughter). I'm still not sure what role the Tsarnaev brothers played.

Triple Murder in Waltham, MA: Investigators need to focus on the Gus Baily drug gang and there whereabouts on Sept 9 and 10 of 2011.

Tamerlan had connections with both groups. Working at the pizza place "Gerry's Italian Kitchen" and being best friends with Brenden Mess before he changed his lifestyle. Tamerlan was also frequent visitor at the home where the murders took place. The fact that he didn't attended the memorial for Mess raised the flag that maybe Tamerlan was involved.

Both events had connections to Watertown, MA

Both events involved MMA fighters from the Boston area.

Both events involve to some extent, corrupt police officers.
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